Monday, February 6, 2017

Langkah Pembayaran Pembaharuan Penguntukan Radas Radio Amatur Secara Online

Langkah Pembayaran Pembaharuan Penguntukan Radas Radio Amatur Secara Online.

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Friday, February 3, 2017




We are pleased to share the latest decision of SKMM regarding the proposal of Working Group on the amateur radio certification review.

In the new structure, there will be three classes of radio amateur category, namely Class A, Class B and the new Class C. The Morse Code will be removed as the proficiency skill needed for Class A. Minimum age to obtain certification for Class A, Class B and Class C will be 15, 14 and 12 respectively.

The privileges for each class has been upgraded for class A, expanded for class B. Class C will be the entry level whereby they will allow to use frequency in 2 meter & 6 meter (VHF) and 70 cm (UHF) only.

Operator of Class B will be allowed to use the band in VHF and UHF, and almost all amateur radio HF band with maximum power of 50W PEP.

Operator of Class A is allowed to use up to 1 KW in all of the HF band except if otherwise indicated.

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Announcement for Class B Amateur Radio

The Commission is pleased to announce on the additional frequency allocation for all  Amateur Radio Class B AA license holders.

The additional frequency is in HF band within 7.0 - 7.2 MHz with a maximum power level of
 50 Watt Peak Envelope Power (PEP).


Saturday, April 7, 2012


Will like to thank specially 9M2SP & 9M2TW for their time & guidance.

My dearest & a close friend.

Md.Ihsan (9W2ISN)

“You are always remain in our hearts,Our sincere thoughts and prayers are always with you.”

Born March 24, 1987
Departed 29th Oct 2009

Friday, April 6, 2012


2 Weeks ago purchased a new UHF radio for RM260.

Reception is extremely good. Since it covers till 480Mhz , I can tune to Mhz to chat on Citizen Band. Cool Right.

The low power gives a 0.5 watts and high is 4 Watts. Low is suitable for and FRS frequency which only allow to transmit o.5 watts only.

If you are interested pls sms me to 0162179780 and I'll give you place to get.

updated on: 6th April 2012

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


V16 145.2000 V17 145.2125
V18 145.2250 V19 145.2375
V20 145.2500 V21 145.2625
V22 145.2750 V23 145.2875
V24 145.3000 V25 145.3125
V26 145.3250 V27 145.3375
V28 145.3875 V29 145.3625
V30 145.3750 V31 145.3875
V32 145.4000 V33 145.4125
V34 145.4250 V35 145.4375
V36 145.4500 V37 145.4625
V38 145.4750 V39 145.4875
V40 145.5000 V41 145.5125
V42 145.5250 V43 145.5375
V44 145.5500 V45 145.5625
V46 145.5750 V47 145.5875
V48 146.4000 V49 146.4125
V50 146.4250 V51 146.4375
V52 146.4500 V53 146.4625
V54 146.4750 V55 146.4875
V56 146.5000 V57 146.5125
V58 146.5250 V59 146.5375
V60 146.5500 V61 146.5625
V62 146.5750 V63 146.5875
V64 147.4350 V65 147.4650
V66 147.4950 V67 147.5250
V68 147.5550 V69 147.5850

Simplex V16 sehingga V47 menggunakan 145MHz sebelum titik perpuluhan (Desimel).
Oleh itu kita hanya perlu mencari MHz selepas titik perpuluhan (Desimel).
Formulanya 12.5 DARAB dengan V Channel.

Contoh 1: V16
12.5 x 16 = 200
Oleh itu Frekuensi V16 ialah 145.2000

Contoh 2: V27
12.5 x 27 = 337.5
Oleh itu Frekuensi V27 ialah 145.3375

Simplex V48 sehingga V63 menggunakan 146MHz sebelum titik perpuluhan (Desimel).
Formulanya 12.5 DARAB dengan V Channel TOLAK 200

Contoh 1: V50
12.5 x 50 = 625 TOLAK 200 = 425
Oleh itu Frekuensi V50 ialah 146.4250

Contoh 2: V63
12.5 x 63 = 787.5 TOLAK 200 = 587.5
Oleh itu Frekuensi V63 ialah 146.5875

Oleh kerana selepas titik perpuluhan (Desimel) ada 4 nombor maka jika 3 nombor, ditambah dengan 0 sahaja untuk mencukupkan 4 nombor.

Citizens Band Frequency

In Malaysia, Citizens' Band radios became legal when the Notification of Issuance Of Class Assignments by Communication and Multimedia Malaysia was published on 1 April 2000.

Under this class assignment, CB radio is classified as a "Personal Radio Service Device". The frequency band is HF, 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz (40 channels), power output is 4 watts for AM and FM and 12 watts PEP for SSB.

Channel 9 is reserved for emergencies, and channel 11 is a calling channel.

On UHF 477 MHz, Citizens' Band PRS radio devices are allowed 5 watts power output on FM on 39 assigned channels spaced at 12.5-kHz intervals between 477.0125 MHz and 477.4875 MHz.

Channel 9 is reserved for emergencies, and channel 11 for calling.

A short-range simplex radio communications service for recreational use is from 477.5250–477.9875 MHz FM mode with 38 channels and a power output of 500 mW.

A CB (citizens' band) radio or Personal Radio Service Device under Class Assignment does not need an individual license to operate in Malaysia if it adheres to the rules of the Warta Kerajaan Malaysia, Communication and Multimedia Act 1998 (Act 588), Notification of Issuance Of Class Assignment, P.U.(B)416 Jil. 48, No. 22(e) Personal Radio Service Device, 1 November 2004.[25]

On 1 April 2010 the MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) released a new Notification of Issuance of Class Assignment, the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 Class Assignments No. 1 of 2010.

This includes a new UHF PMR 446 MHz allocation: an eight-channel analog Personal Mobile Radio 446 MHZ (Analog PMR446) with frequencies from 446.0025–446.09375 MHz (12.5 kHz spacing) FM with 0.5 watt power output, and 16 channels for Digital Personal Mobile Radio 446 MHz (Digital PMR 446).

Frequencies for Digital PMR 446 are from 446.103125–446.196875 MHz with 6.25 kHz channel spacing in 4FSK mode and a power output of 0.5 watt.[26] An unofficial citizens' band radio club in Malaysia is the "Malaysia Boleh Citizen Radio Group", known as "Mike Bravo" (Malaysia Boleh).[27]

Info taken from : Wikipedia